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39 Pakistanis entered EU on illegal visas, investigation launched

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched an investigation after it came to light that numerous individuals posing as lawyers were successfully entering the European Union on visas obtained through unauthorised use of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) forms, Schengen News reports.

As explained by the SCBA, a thorough investigation into the illegal use of its letterheads, which were used to facilitate the illegal entry of non-members into the country, needs to be carried out. According to the latter, an unnumbered letter purportedly issued by the association was sent to the Austrian Embassy in the country, reported.

In the letter, fraudulently using SCBA forms, disguised as lawyers and SCBA members, 39 persons entered the block in June last year.

During an internal inquiry, it was revealed that the Austrian embassy was approached to grant Schengen visas to the members of this association, and the correspondence was made on SCBA letterheads. Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan

As it became known,the document sent to the Austrian embassy to issue visas to 39 people has a reference number that has been used before. Now that a complaint has been made, it is suspected that most of these 39 individuals have successfully entered the EU and are now in the bloc because they have not returned to the country.

SCBA demanded an investigation as soon as possible given the seriousness of the situation. It also emphasised that these persons should be punished for misuse of SCBA letterheads. SCBA also demanded an investigation into the persons and companies responsible for managing the tickets and itineraries of those who managed to enter the EU illegally.

Although the SCBA has demanded an immediate investigation, it is not yet known whether the Austrian authorities are aware that 39 Pakistanis have obtained Schengen visas illegally and may currently be in the country. Since these individuals entered the country on fraudulently obtained Schengen visas, they may also be in other Member States illegally.

This is just one of many cases of third-country nationals entering the bloc illegally. Earlier this month, reported that several Moroccans had entered the EU on fake Schengen visas. Eight people have been arrested for their involvement in forging documents needed to obtain a Schengen visa.


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