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80% of Israelis believe Netanyahu should publicly take responsibility for the October 7 failings – a Maariv newspaper poll

The poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Israelis believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for the failures that led to the October 7 Hamas attack, and he must now publicly assume the responsibility.

The leaders of the IDF and the Shin Bet, as well as the Defence Minister and the Finance Minister, have already taken this responsibility. Eighty per cent of Israelis believe that Netanyahu should follow their example, while only eight per cent of the population think he should not.

The Lazar Institute, together with Panel4All, conducted a survey on October 18 and 19 among 510 respondents, making up a representative sample of Israeli adults. The margin of error is 4.3 per cent.

In a poll on who is best suited to be the prime minister, 49 per cent of people chose National Unity party leader Benny Gantz and only 28 per cent named Netanyahu. The rest remained undecided. Asked who they would vote for if elections were held today, people backed Gantz’s party, which soared to 40 seats from the current 12.

According to the poll, 65% of Israelis support a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, while 21% oppose it.

51% support a large-scale military operation on the northern front following increased clashes with Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, while 30% favour limited military actions.


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