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Advocating for Australia’s Indigenous Peoples in Parliament is out of the interests

The referendum to protect the interests of the most disadvantaged indigenous population in Australia failed.

Early counts showed that 57 percent of voters opposed the Indigenous Voice. Projections found New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia had rejected the amendment, according to Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Previously, there have been conflicts about the referendum. However, this result could not have been expected.

Voice advocate Tanya Hosch, who has spent years developing and strengthening the model, told ABC: “On a personal level, I feel devastated.” Soon added that “There’s going to be a lot of pain and hurt and dismay and we’re going to need to take a moment to absorb that message and what it says.”

Opinion polls conducted in recent months have shown a majority of Australians oppose the proposal. While supporters hoped that taking Indigenous views into account would lead to more efficient delivery of public services and better outcomes for Indigenous people.

It is known that Indigenous Australians (3.8$ of the population) die an average of eight years earlier, get down with diseases that have been eradicated in other wealthy states, and the suicide rate is twice as high among the national population.

Interestingly, but the Voice could have become the first referendum passed since 1977 and the first ever to pass without the bipartisan support of the major political parties. Nevertheless, it is now unclear whether such a referendum will take place in the future, will it be for defence?



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