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Afghan embassy closes due to lack of Indian support

The Afghan embassy is closing from today and henceforth for reasons that have prevented the embassy from performing its duties effectively.

Lack of support from India, failure to serve Afghan interests, staff and resource cuts are the most significant reasons why the government has been forced to shut down its operations, the embassy said on Saturday.

The embassy has experienced a notable absence of crucial support from the host government, which has hindered our ability to carry out our duties effectively.

The embassy emphasized that it is “serving the people of Afghanistan and will continue to explore avenues to support our nation in these challenging times.”

The statement, however, rejected any discord among diplomatic staff: “baseless claims regarding internal strife or discord amongst our diplomatic staff or any diplomats using the crisis to seek asylum in a third country. Such rumours are unfounded and do not reflect the reality of our mission. We remain a united team working towards the best interests of Afghanistan.”

It is noted that the Afghan embassy asked the Indian government to seriously consider four requests that are binding on the Afghan side. One of them is permission to hoist the flag over the embassy grounds. It expressed its commitment to the democratic ideals and welfare of the people of Afghanistan. Any kind of diplomatic structures should align their actions with the policies of the legitimate government.

The Embassy is keen to reach an agreement with the Indian government at the earliest possible juncture. We aim to ensure that the interests of Afghans residing, working, studying, trading, and engaging in various activities in India are duly considered and safeguarded, preserving their interests, honour and dignity. This commitment stems from our deep sense of responsibility towards the Afghan community in India. We understand the challenges they face, especially in light of recent events, and are dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions that address their unique needs

India does not recognize the Taliban government, but has allowed the embassy to continue operating under the ambassador and mission staff, but a power struggle broke out earlier this year when the Taliban appointed an interim ambassador to replace Farid Mamundzay. However, the embassy denied the allegation and said there had been no change in leadership.


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