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Azerbaijan says that if another conflict erupts, the blame will be on France

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on Saturday that if another conflict breaks out in the region, the blame will fall entirely on France and its wrong actions.

A telephone call between the President of the European Council Charles Michel and the Azerbaijani president was held, and it was said by the presidency of Azerbaijan that “including Azerbaijan in the quadrilateral statement without the participation of Azerbaijan in Granada was not the right approach.”

Aliyev notes that France will be the one to blame for the new conflict if it is destined to happen. “The provision of weapons by France to Armenia was an approach that was not serving peace, but one intended to inflate a new conflict, and if any new conflict occurs in the region, France would be responsible for causing it.”

However, before the trilateral meeting in Brussels, Michel at least stated that the European Parliament is committed to the normalisation of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, but according to Aliyev, this is not true.

The anti-Azerbaijani statement adopted by the European Parliament on the basis of a xenophobic and chauvinistic approach and the opinions expressed in it were unacceptable, adding that this did not serve peace and stability in the region.

Aliyev did not attend the meetings that took place to protest France’s military and diplomatic moves in favour of Armenia. And a meeting that was to have included Turkey and Spain was cancelled by France.

Azerbaijan regained full control of Karabakh last month. As a result, the decades-long conflict has been brought to an end. The Azeirbajan authorities repeatedly mentioned that the security of Karabakh’s Armenian residents will be fully ensured in accordance with Azerbaijani law.


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