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Biden condemns Republicans for not including military aid to Ukraine in the bill

On Sunday (October 1), US President Joe Biden demanded that Republicans in Congress support a bill to increase aid to Ukraine, saying that he was “sick and tired” of political balancing on the brink of war, which almost led to a government shutdown.

Biden spoke after Congress passed a temporary bill on Saturday that saved the government from a shutdown. It would have left more than four million federal government employees without pay and cut a wide range of services.

The bill was widely supported by Democrats and Republicans. However, after its passage, hardline Republican Matt Gaetz promised to oust Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The temporary bill is valid until November 17 and does not include assistance to Kyiv.

Since the start of the war last February, the US has been Ukraine’s main supporter, and Biden is urging the world to unite to maintain support for the country. The President stated that Republicans vowed to provide the aid through a split vote.

“We cannot under any circumstances allow America’s support for Ukraine to be interrupted. I fully expect the speaker to keep his commitment to secure the passage and support needed to help Ukraine as they defend themselves against aggression and brutality.”

Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a visit to Washington last month that the US would maintain support for the war against Russia despite dissent from some Republican lawmakers.

The US President has called on Republicans to act quickly and decisively to avert another crisis.

The brinkmanship has to end. And there shouldn’t be another… crisis. I strongly urge my Republican friends in Congress not to wait. Don’t waste time as you did all summer. Pass a year-long budget agreement. Honour the deal we made a few months ago.

Biden declined to comment on the need for Democrats to support McCarthy to keep him as House speaker. The President also added it would be up to Democratic leaders in Congress to make the decision.


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