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Brexit opponents march on London demanding the country’s return to the EU

Supporters of the National Reunification March gathered outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, west London, to march to Parliament Square, GBN reported.

Tens of thousands of supporters joined the protest to vent their anger at the UK’s decision to leave the EU seven years ago. However, compared to last time, when around 50,000 people came, today’s protest was presumably attended by much fewer people.

The event was attended by all well-known campaigners such as Steve Bray, also known as “Stop Brexit Man.”

The march will end with a rally outside the Houses of Parliament later in the day.

Several police teams enforced law and order as protesters handed out leaflets and several passing cars honked their horns. One of the protesters said they wanted a second referendum to overturn the UK’s exit.

First thing, the Labour party needs to get back in, and then we’ll need to hold another referendum.

An EU citizen who was present at the march, who gave his name as Eugene, said:

“I moved here in 2014 and I remember that this country was much better organised and things were going much smoother when we were in the EU and I don’t see that happening after Brexit to be honest. I know you will say that I am biased, coming from an EU country, but I’ve lived here for more than nine years so I can tell the difference.”

Eugene is convinced that the cost-of-living crisis faced by Britons is in “a great part of it due to the referendum.” However, a YouGov poll of 2,101 Britons, conducted between 8 and 9 August, found that only 26 per cent of people wanted a referendum this year.

Despite high levels of Bregret [Brexit Regret] among the British public, this new polling shows that there is not necessarily a widespread appetite for another referendum any time soon.

Currently, there are strong party divisions that may affect the election campaign. According to YouGov, a large majority of Labour Party backers “support a referendum on reunification with the EU within the next five or ten years.”


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