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British-made Challenger 2 Tank destroyed in Ukraine

The tank shown in the footage may be one of 14 provided by the UK to Ukraine to break through the front line.

A video that appeared on social media overnight demonstrated a British Challenger 2 being blown up by a mine and finished off by a Russian drone. This is the first case of tank destruction in combat.

The place of action has not been confirmed yet, but it is assumed that the destruction took place on the southern Zaporizhzhia front, where the crew was fighting. Western sources reported Tuesday that the tank hit a Russian mine on Monday. The blown rear fuel compartment made the vehicle immobile, and the crew evacuated safely. However, it was then hit by a Lancet drone.

A typical Challenger 2 crew consists of four people. Unlike Russian analogues, the ammunition is being kept in separate compartments in order to prevent a direct-hit explosion.

On Sunday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a video in which a Ukrainian tank soldier called the Challenger 2 more robust than its Soviet equivalents.

“You don’t stand much of a chance if you get hit, whereas the British tank can withstand several hits.”

Challenger 2 was first deployed in 1994. Since then, no such tank has been lost in combat, not counting the friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003. In part, such statistics are explained by the relatively small numbers constructed as well as their rare deployment.

The UK handed over 14 tanks to Ukraine earlier this year as part of European efforts to support the defending country with heavy armoured vehicles. The tanks were attached to Ukraine’s 82nd Air Assault Brigade, which was thrown into battle in August on the Zaporizhzhia front at Robotyne.

According to the statements of the Ukrainian side, the Ukrainian troops managed to break through the first defensive line of Russia.

The UK has refrained from public comments, although the Ministry of Defence does not deny that the Challenger 2 is shown on the video and admits that one of the tanks transferred to Ukraine has been destroyed.


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