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British volunteer killed by another Briton

A British volunteer in Ukraine was allegedly tortured and killed by his fellow British fighter, The Sun reported.

Jordan Chadwick, 31, was found dead in the water with his hands tied behind his back in June. The former Scots Guardsman served in the 50/50 Shadowy Unit. It was attached to Ukraine’s military intelligence service.

His comrades named another British soldier as the prime suspect. They claimed Chadwick was tortured with water. They also noted that the water in his lungs was different from where he was found in Kramatorsk, about 20 miles from the front line in Bakhmut.

His body was taken home last month. The investigation is due to take place next year.

The case is being investigated by Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation, which has jurisdiction over war crimes.

It comes after Ukrainian police discovered the body of a second Briton, believed to be Daniel Burke, 36. The Manchester paratrooper, who went missing last month, was allegedly shot and buried in a shallow grave near Zaporizhzhia.

Police have named Nourine Abdulfetah as the prime suspect. The Aussie-Lebanese fighter was the last person to see the dead British soldier.

Burke’s father Kevin, 62, stated:

We want to see the accused face his day in court.

The deaths of two volunteers from Britain have sown fear among those gathered to help Ukraine fight Russia.


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