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Consequences of the earthquake in Afghanistan are disruptive

The consequences of Saturday’s earthquake in Afghan cities may be far more devastating than it is known up now.

On Sunday, people in Herat used their hands to scramble through rocks and rubble in search of the dead and injured. Many people were trapped under the rubble of buildings.

Villages have been destroyed and hundreds of civilians are buried under the debris, while calling for urgent help. Besides the 2,060 dead, 1,240 people are injured and 1,320 houses are completely destroyed, according to Mr Rayan.

At least a dozen teams, including the military and non-profit organizations such as the Red Crescent, were involved in the rescue effort.

Irfanullah Sharafzai, a spokesman for the Afghan Red Crescent Society, said that seven teams are busy with rescue operations while other teams arriving from nearby provinces to provide immediate assistance to those already evacuated from the rubble as well as those who will need help. He also stated that a temporary camp has been set up to ensure so people could have a place to stay and get some help.

Whatever is in our capacity we will do for our poor and needy people at this difficult time, Mr Sharafzai told The Associated Press.

Pakistan, which neighbours Afghanistan, has expressed deep concern about the quake that has claimed so many innocent lives. Noting that any help needed would be provided as soon as possible, Mr Sharafzai said.

“We are in contact with the Afghan authorities to get a first-hand assessment of the urgent needs of those affected by the earthquake,” said the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Pakistan will extend all possible support to the recovery effort.”

China, represented by Ambassador Zhao Xing, said any assistance required would be provided through government involvement and state charities.


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