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Czech President: “If Ukraine fails, so will we”

Speaking to members of the European Parliament, Czech President Petr Pavel called for dialogue with the people, a fight against populism and a policy of non-concession to Putin, according to European Parliament President’s website.

The President emphasised the importance of explaining to European citizens that the government is standing up for their principles. Speaking of next year’s European election campaign, he called for refraining from “simplistic solutions and empty promises.” Instead, he suggested reporting problems “as they really are.”

Paul warned that the entire European Union would fail if Ukraine was defeated. He urged everyone to “to continue providing support by all possible means.”

Recalling the case of the concession of Czechoslovak territory before the start of World War II in an attempt to avoid it, the president strongly opposed concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin and called for a settlement to guarantee “the necessary conditions for Ukraine’s continued existence in lasting peace and prosperity.”

Speaking in favour of EU enlargement, he said that “it is in our interest that candidate countries succeed.” He also called for co-operation to confront war fatigue, to uphold European values and principles and not to succumb to false promises and populism.

Europe is an everlasting task and European nations are meant to live together.


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