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Discontent across Poland in Warsaw

Demonstrators got together in the centre of Warsaw this Sunday to oppose the Conservative government ahead of the October 15 general election, according to Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk.

The purpose of the rally, according to Tusk, is to awake the electorate for the crucial vote. Participants started gathering in Warsaw from early morning to rally against the incumbent government. Donald Tusk commented on such a large rally:

When I see these hundreds of thousands of smiling faces, I have a good feeling that the breakthrough moment in the history of our homeland is coming

He also noted that great changes are taking place at the present: “this is a mark of the great Polish revival.”

Some people travelled 7 hours to the capital, and they assured people it was definitely worth it being around the crowd with whom you share thoughts. The protesters expressed the consensus that they are fed up when their “freedom being curbed.” They say they want a free and prosperous Poland for their children and grandchildren.

Bartlomiej Piela travelled from Katowice to Warsaw to take part in the opposition rally. “Breaking fundamental civil rights and women’s freedom to choose how they wish to live, pitting Polish people against each other… I hope the march will mobilise people to change it,” the 29-year-old said.

The ruling party often clashes with the EU and faces accusations that mostly concern undermining the rule of law, and the same party holds a majority in the polls with about 35 percent of the vote. At the same time, The Civic Coalition opposition alliance has long trailed in second place, with 27 percent of voting intention in the IBRiS poll.

Donald Tusk said at a rally earlier this week in Elblag, northern Poland, that “The opportunity is within reach, nothing has been decided yet,” but that the authorities will certainly give their answer after the vote. He is convinced that most of them will go to prison for offences committed against the constitution.

Katowice is holding its next rally on Sunday, 1 October.


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