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EU allocates $150 million to help Afghan people

The EU announced on Wednesday that it would allocate 140 million euros to help education, health, agriculture and economic development of women in Afghanistan, according to Anadolu Agency.

The aid funds were frozen in December 2022 when the Taliban administration banned women from working in non-governmental organisations.

The decision is based on a six-month monitoring and evaluation of the “for women by women” principle, which ensures the participation of Afghanistan’s female population in the aid process.

According to the statement, the amounts will be channelled through UN affiliates, international non-governmental organisations and the World Bank.

The aid measures will economically empower women through easier access to finance and market opportunities, as well as support for small women-led businesses.

Jutta Urpilainen, the Commissioner for International Partnerships, thanked the international community for providing the necessary aid to women and girls.

We know how difficult it has been to navigate the increasingly severe situation in Afghanistan. Yet, over the last six months, the international community has found a way to deliver desperately needed support to women, girls and other vulnerable groups.

Urpilainen also emphasised that the support helps millions of people by offering them with livelihood solutions. However, the Commissioner did not recognise the Taliban de facto administration.



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