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EU will allocate 2.25 billion euros to Greece to rebuild

Greece will receive up to 2.25 billion euros ($2.4 billion) to recover after last week’s devastating floods – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“I am simply appalled by the recent disaster that has struck Greece and its people. A lot of investment will be necessary to rebuild, but right now a lot of immediate support and help is needed to restore the livelihoods. We will mobilise all the EU resources that can be deployed.”

The funds will be allocated from unspent and pre-allocated money for cohesion, from the European Social Fund, as well as from the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) fund.

A week ago, Storm Daniel killed at least 16 people and caused destruction in central Greece. Thessaly, the country’s agricultural center, remains flooded.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said during a meeting with Mitsotakis on Tuesday that Greece’s problems concern the whole of Europe.

“In the worst moments, the Greeks must see the best face of Europe. As far as the budget and resources are concerned, any decision that needs to be taken by the parliament will be taken as soon as possible.”

European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni has announced that Greece will receive assistance from the EU’s emergency support fund for natural disasters. He reminded that the EU had an emergency fund to support regions struggling with natural disasters – the Solidarity Fund of the European Union. Its members have three months to assess the economic damage.

I am certain that the European Commission will endeavor to support through this emergency support fund and not only that, Greece’s efforts to deal with this new crisis.

Gentiloni also noted that floods, as well as a growing incidence of forest fires, indicate an unprecedented weather crisis that Europe is currently facing. The Commissioner said that part of the funds would be available this year, and next year Greece could hope for more substantial assistance.


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