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Europe says efforts to tackle irregular migration accelerated

A strong demand came out from leaders of the southern European Union on Friday to accelerate efforts to tackle irregular migration.

“The challenge of irregular migration remains a sensitive and complex reality that requires a sustained and holistic European response, both in the short term and medium term,” they said in a statement following the MED9 (Med Group or Club Med) Summit in Malta.

The growing number of migrants arriving across the Mediterranean Sea requires an incomparably swift resolution as the situation continues to become more complex. The situation is further complicated by the fact that not all EU member states are in agreement and willing to act as a single system, which consequently merely uses time not it its favor.

“We, therefore, call on the co-legislators to step up negotiations on the Pact on Migration and Asylum to reach an agreement in all files before the end of the current legislative term,” according to the statement.

The agreement calls for the need to ensure that border countries are adequately linked with everything they require. These should be included, for instance, strengthening the legal and operational aspects of securing external borders, dismantling networks that smuggle people, and most importantly, disrupting the supply of criminal networks. Furthermore, legal migration based solely on security and orderliness must take place.

“In this context, we welcome the recent initiatives, such as the launching of the ‘Rome Process’ at the Conference on Development and Migration in Italy on 23rd July,” it said.

The next MED9 summit will set up in Greek Cypriot administration.


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