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Fico to take the reins by EU summit

On October 25, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová appointed a new government headed by leftist Prime Minister Robert Fico, who won the September 30 election promising to combat illegal migration and halt military aid to Ukraine, Euractiv reported.

Fico is forming a government with the nationalist SNS party and centre-left HLAS, hoping to start work by the beginning of a European Union summit with Ukraine and migration on the agenda.

The Prime Minister has campaigned hard on promises to end military aid to Ukraine, make foreign policy independent of EU and US partners and tighten border defences against migrants seeking to enter Western Europe.

Čaputová rejected the SNS’s first nominee for environment minister, Rudolf Huliak, citing climate change denial and verbal attacks on environmental campaigners as arguments against his appointment.

SNS chief Andrej Danko stated at a televised press conference:

I will do everything to ensure there is a stable government in these next four years. I believe that Robert Fico can happily go to Brussels on Thursday.


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