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French farmers continue protests, with hundreds of tractors blocking major roads

Hundreds of tractors of protesting French farmers are driving on the A9, A709 and A750 motorways towards the prefecture of Montpellier, French media reported.

In different parts of France, farmers continue mass protests on Friday, with tractors blocking traffic on major motorways and bridges.

Large actions are taking place in Bordeaux, Nantes and other big cities. On Thursday, protesters blocked with tractors, including the entrance to Lyon on the A42 motorway.

According to regional publication France Bleu, a group of farmers near the town of Montelimar detained dozens of lorries carrying imported products such as chicken from Poland and wine from Spain. Disgruntled protesters stopped the vehicles and pulled all the cargo out of them onto the road.

Agricultural workers are demanding government action to protect their activities, in particular they are unhappy with the large volumes of low-price imported products, as well as the increased costs of agro-production and the fuel tax in France.

The protests are now in their second week and started in the south-western regions of France. Gradually, the protest movement is intensifying and concentrating closer to the central regions.

According to several French media outlets, the government may announce agricultural decisions on Friday amid protests in the country that have not abated for a second week.

The farming protest movement is now sweeping many countries in Europe. Similar mass protests have already shaken Germany and Romania, and last Wednesday Polish farmers across the country held a large-scale action demanding, among other things, a halt to imports of agricultural products from Ukraine and other non-EU countries.


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