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GR8 SBC Summit in Barcelona: over 50 meetings, including a keynote

GR8 Tech, a renowned iGaming solution provider, participated in the recent SBC Barcelona trade show held on 19-21 September.

During the two days of the exhibition GR8 Tech the company, which included the entire sales team and several strong product specialists, held more than 50 intensive negotiations with potential customers from both operator and supplier sides. It exhibited a wide range of solutions and products aimed at different target audiences in the iGaming industry. Yevhen Krazhan, GR8 Tech’s Head of Global Sales, said:

Chatting with potential partners was great in terms of perspective leads and gave me a real sense of where the market is heading. It’s clear that operators should constantly evolve and adapt to maintain or grow their market share, which includes a whole set of challenges that GR8 Tech is set to address perfectly with customised solutions and products. The future of iGaming is exciting, and with the right collaborations, we’re looking forward to being a big part of it.

Evgeny Belousov, GR8 Tech’s CEO, delivered a keynote speech at the conference entitled “The Power of Technological Solutions: Launching and Modernising the Gambling Business”. The report highlighted typical problems faced by operators and detailed how technological and human potential can be utilised to alleviate these pain points.

GR8 Tech also conducted exclusive on-site interviews with leading industry media outlets. These in-depth conversations will be available on the SBC News and iGaming Business websites.

Besides exhibiting, networking, and speaking engagements at SBC Barcelona, GR8 Tech held exclusive on-site interviews with top industry media outlets. To view these in-depth discussions, follow the updates on SBC News and iGaming Business. Summarising the results of attending the conference, Belousov said:

Every year, the SBC Summit gets bigger and more impressive. However, the similarity in propositions often makes it challenging for participants to genuinely distinguish themselves. At GR8 Tech, our focus remained on showcasing our unique approach backed by proven results. The outcome? A rewarding event with several promising leads. Stay tuned.


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