Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges unlawful release of his taxes

Hunter Biden sued the Internal Revenue Service on Monday, claiming his personal tax information was improperly released by two agents alleging interference in a case against him amid escalating legal and political battles as the 2024 election approaches, US media reports.

Biden notes that the agents “targeted him and sought to embarrass him.” He also states that the federal whistleblower protections sought by the agents do not include sharing confidential information in press interviews and congressional testimony.

The lawsuit comes as the long-running investigation into Hunter Biden continues to unfold against a sharply political backdrop, including an impeachment investigation targeting his father, President Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden was charged with possession of a firearm and it was also noted that he lied about using drugs to buy and take possession of a gun in October 2018. His human rights advocates note that they will fight the charges. Ahead of the 2024 election, the case could move into the high-stakes phase of litigation.

A new civil suit filed in Washington alleges that the improper disclosures included specific tax years under investigation, deductions and allegations of liability. While the suit does not question the investigation itself, it seeks to “compel compliance with federal tax and privacy laws” and stop the spread of “unfounded allegations” and “unlawful disclosure” of his tax information.


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