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Iraqi FM will discuss security pact in Iran

During his upcoming visit to Tehran, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein plans to discuss with Iranian authorities the implementation of a major security agreement between Tehran and Baghdad.

Hussein made the remarks at a press conference with his Austrian counterpart in Baghdad on Tuesday. He emphasized that his government has implemented a number of measures to remove anti-Tehran elements from the joint borders with Iran. He said he would hold talks with Iranian officials in Tehran on Wednesday to discuss the security pact.

Iraq will fully fulfill its obligations under the security agreement signed with Iran, Iraq’s top diplomat said. Referring to the constructive and privileged relations between the two countries, he highlighted the importance of Iraq’s regional role.

Hussein says Iraq and Iran enjoy strong relations, adding that Iraq will not allow its territory to be used by certain groups to attack neighbors. The security agreement with Iran requires Iraq to push anti-Iran militants out of Kurdistan’s border areas.


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