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Is Joe Biden in condition to handle November election?

Joe Biden’s condition at the G7 summit shows how the US President is facing health challenges, The Sun reported.

In the British newspaper The Sun, expert Harry Cole said that the annual G7 meeting actually brought not only the seizure of $50 billion worth of Russian assets to help Ukraine, but it will be remembered mainly for the terrible condition of US President Joe Biden. He remarked questions about the health of the world’s most powerful man on the eve of the US election have risen sharply. There are muted discussions on the sidelines of the summit about the 81-year-old Biden and his alarming lack of mental clarity.

For instance, the world’s influential leaders were about to get up for a photograph, but a wayward Biden walked off the set before being pulled back by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Prime Minister Meloni manageed to steer Biden back towards the photographers while all the G7 members made a move to the left and surrounded the US leader. While all the leaders smile and look at the camera, Biden decides to slowly put on his aviator sunglasses before posing for a photo.

In addition, various sources said that although the president appeared sharp and clear at moments, at other times he seemed to “lose focus” and concentration. Another source said: “It’s the worst he has ever been.”

Others from several delegations called Biden’s speech “embarrassing” after awkward footage showed the president and other world leaders watching parachutists carrying flags of allied countries descend from the sky. The tipping poing was when Biden decided to turn away from the group while applauding the last parachutist.

Concerns over the president’s condition also stemmed from White House press secretary Andrew Bates saying that Biden was simply congratulating a diver on the floor who was gathering his belongings. He accused the media of using “an artificially narrow frame” to make Biden look bad.

Amid growing doubts in diplomatic circles, Cole told the Never Mind the Ballots show: “He ducked out for dinner last night… But my sources, diplomatic sources here, say it is the worst they’ve ever seen Joe Biden, and he’s in a bad way. He’s losing focus in meetings. Sometimes he’s very sharp sometimes, he’s very much not. So some worrying developments there. Last night there was an awkward moment with President Biden where he was looking very doddery.”

He added: “He was wandering around, he sort of wandered off and Giorgia Meloni, the Italian premier had to sort of guide him back to the crowd. It was quite painful viewing. Everyone’s putting a slight brave face on it this morning. We’ve got some more for that for the paper tomorrow. But you can see from that footage yourself, can’t you? This is getting embarrassing now. It makes you really wonder how President Biden is going to be able to run an election campaign in October and November for re election and if that is a man who really thinks he’s going to get through the next four years?”

Other occasions

Cole mentions the Democrat’s term in office filled with missteps. He underlined that Biden “has fallen up the stairs of Air Force One and has stumbled on countless occasions. Last year, Biden took a tumble at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. In February, Biden confused the leaders of Mexico and Egypt while delivering a rambling address to the nation after it emerged he wouldn’t face criminal charges over storing secret docs.”

The author says questions about Biden’s condition and his ability to hold office continue to arise just months before the US presidential election. The doubts come as polls point to a challenging re-election for Biden, which may not happen.

Cole casts doubt on Biden’s ability to last another four years as president if he does win in November: “Can anyone watching Biden at this summit really imagine him lasting another four years as president? Or even making it through this autumn’s presidential race without more gaffes? (…) Is this man in a fit state to lead the world?”


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