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Israel strikes an airport in Syria

Reports from Syria confirm that Israel strikes an airport in northern Syria, warning of an offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel has been going on for a week and it continues to spread to new territories. There have already been clashes of various kinds between Lebanon and Israel, and now between Syria and Israel.

The Israeli military has not confirmed the attack on the airport, but based on the military’s statement, Israel has struck targets in Syria. Earlier they confirmed they are “preparing to implement a wide range of offensive operational plans” which will include both air, ground and naval operations.

However, the exact time of the beginning of the operation was not mentioned yet, but it was said Israel will strike Gaza in the near future.

Furthermore, although Israel is taking some steps to evacuate Gaza (renewed calls on social media and in leaflets dropped from the air), there is still a humanitarian crisis, as there are still tens, hundreds, thousands of people in the Gaza Strip who need help to evacuate.

Rear Adm Daniel Hagari issued a new appeal to residents to move to the southern Gaza Strip. Palestinians are struggling to leave their homes, lacking water and medicine.

The UN and humanitarian organizations say that resettlement on such a rapid scale could lead to catastrophic casualties of innocent civilians. The Israeli blockade involves incalculable human suffering, as even evacuation under such conditions “could be tantamount to a death sentence” for patients hospitals, including newborns in incubators and people in intensive care.

Israel, as it is known, has stopped supplying fuel and medicine to the Gaza Strip; consequently, within two days, Gaza’s hospitals could run out of emergency resources, putting thousands of lives at risk, according to the UN.

The humanitarian aid is already at Egypt’s el-Arish airport and is destined for Gaza when humanitarian access across the border is possible. The shipment includes basic necessities for 300,000 people, trauma medication and supplies for the wounded. The UN called for the Rafah border crossing to be opened immediately for humanitarian supplies.

The critically injured, the sick and the vulnerable cannot wait, the world body said.

There were also reports that the US was sending a second aircraft carrier strike group, the USS Dwight D Eisenhower, to the Eastern Mediterranean to support Israel. Lloyd Austin stated the following in this regard: “as part of our effort to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack on Israel.”


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