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Jim Jordan’s second attempt to become House Speaker meets resistance

The GOP’s Jim Jordan loses the first vote and will now try to make a decisive second run at defying detractors.

The struggle for the House Speaker’s seat comes amid claims of the need for party unity. For instance, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee stated:

We must stop attacking each other and come together.

However, 20 Republicans of different policy views rejected Jordan’s nomination on Wednesday, deeming him too radical for the House speaker’s position. Two weeks have passed since the sudden dismissal of Kevin McCarthy, and now the House Speaker’s vote has turned from a formality to a fierce contest.

200 Republicans voted for Jim Jordan and 212 for Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries, but another 20 publicans cast their votes for someone else, so neither candidate has the necessary vote majority.

Republicans have a plurality of the votes: 221 to 212, which means Jordan must defeat his GOP opponents to win the Speaker’s seat.

Bipartisan legislative groups are discussing ways to control the House of Representatives to give more power to the Interim Speaker, Republican and House member Patrick McHenry.

Newt Gingrich, the former Republican speaker, stated Tuesday night that although he liked Jordan, he “doesn’t believe” the candidate could get much more than the 200 votes garnered on the first vote.

We can’t sit around and suck our thumbs and hope the world will wait until the House Republicans get their act together.

John Boehner, another former Republican Party speaker, agreed with his counterpart. They share a great deal of experience on the issue, having both been forced into early retirement by threats of expulsion from right-wing insurgents like those who ousted McCarthy.

Some lawmakers claimed their first vote was merely a protest and they would stand with Jordan in the next rounds.

Jim Jordan will be a great speaker. I think he’s going to have the votes soon, if not today, over the next day or two.

Some Republicans resent pressure from Jordan’s allies and complain of threats, while others are concerned about the protracted process.

Jordan supported Donald Trump more than anyone, especially during the January 6 attack on the Capitol carried out by backers of the former president who attempted to cancel the 2020 election. A few days later, Trump awarded his most loyal ally the Medal of Freedom.


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