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Joe Biden’s doctor disclosed results of “extremely detailed neurological examination”

US President Joe Biden is not undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s disease, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on MSNBC.

The US leader has seen a neurologist three times as part of his annual medical check-ups, Jean-Pierre said. She also added:

“After a thorough examination, there was no evidence of nervous system disorders, including Parkinson’s disease.”

Biden’s personal physician Kevin O’Connor held a meeting with neurologist and Parkinson’s disease expert Kevin Cannard earlier this year. Cannard visited the White House eight times between the summer of 2023 and the spring of 2024.

Earlier, the head of the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee, James Comer, invited President Joe Biden’s physician Kevin O’Connor to appear before Congress to testify about the head of state’s medical examination practices.

Congressman Comer also asked the doctor for documents and correspondence related to financial transactions involving the Bidens. He suggested that private interests may have affected the medical conclusions of O’Connor, who has never made any major claims about the president’s health.

On the night of June 27-28, the first US presidential debate took place. 67% of viewers awarded the victory to the former American leader Donald Trump, the current head of state was supported by 33% of respondents, follows from the results of the CNN poll.

Because of the president’s poor performance on air, his supporters questioned the 81-year-old politician’s physical ability to continue the race. Some Democrats expressed concern about Biden’s ability to win the election.

The president attributed the outcome of the debate to fatigue due to several flights. The politician also called on members of the Democratic Party, dissatisfied with his performance at the debate and refusal to withdraw from the election, to nominate their own candidates for the presidency.


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