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Josep Borrell hopes that US will continue backing Ukraine

The EU’s top diplomat says Washington will continue to provide military aid to Ukraine, even after lawmakers in the US rejected a funding package for Kyiv to prevent a government shutdown, according to Politico.

Josep Borrell told reporters in Kyiv on Monday, referring to the controversial funding move demanded by Republican lawmakers in the US:

“I’m sure this decision will be reconsidered and altogether, we’ll continue to be on your side.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba downplayed the significance of the US Congress decision, which he called an “incident”. Kuleba told reporters, speaking alongside Borrell:

“We’re working with both sides of the Congress to ensure it doesn’t repeat again, under any circumstances.”

EU foreign ministers have expressed confidence that as long as Joe Biden remains in office, the USA will continue to support Ukraine. French representative Catherine Colonna said that “President Biden has expressed his commitment, so we have no doubt that the USA will remain on Ukraine’s side”.

EU foreign ministers gathered for an informal meeting in Kyiv on Monday where, on the agenda, the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine. The meeting began shortly after pro-Russian Robert Fico won Slovakia’s election, prompting alarm in EU capitals that Bratislava might stop supporting Ukraine. Kuleba claimed:

“It is too early to judge how the elections will impact the support for Ukraine, and we need to wait until a coalition is formed.”


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