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Kim Jong Un heads home after visit to Russia

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was on his way home by train on Sunday (17 September), according to Russian news agencies.

During his week-long visit, Kim held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on closer military and other co-operation.

Russian media agencies published the video on Sunday. It shows Kim walking down a red carpet to his carriage in the Russian city of Artem and waving goodbye to the sounds of a military orchestra.

Artem is a Far Eastern city located about 254 kilometres from Khasan station on Russia’s border with North Korea.

Kim Jong Un rarely travels outside the country. His trip marks a new stage in the development of relations between North Korea and Russia, according to statements by the North Korean government.

A fresh heyday of friendship and solidarity and co-operation is being opened up in the history of the development of the relations between the DPRK and Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated Moscow wanted to develop “equal and fair co-operation” with North Korea despite sanctions imposed on Pyongyang by the UN Security Council.

“We have not declared sanctions against North Korea, the Security Council did that. So appeal to the Security Council, and we will develop equal and fair co-operation with the DPRK.”

The Kremlin has previously said it respects UN sanctions but has the right to develop good-neighbourly relations. The United States and its allies are concerned about this alliance as Russia pushes to invade Ukraine and North Korea continues to develop missiles and nuclear weapons.

South Korea and the United States claimed military co-operation between North Korea and Russia would violate UN sanctions against Pyongyang. The US allies would make sure there would be a price to pay.

South Korean President Yun Suk Yeol called such a military partnership “illegal and unfair.” He stated that the international community would “unite more tightly” to deal with deepening ties between Moscow and Pyongyang, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

On Monday, Yoon will travel to New York for the UN General Assembly.

Russia has made its best to publicise Kim’s visit. Moscow has repeatedly hinted at the prospect of military co-operation with North Korea, a country formed in 1948 with the backing of the Soviet Union.

On Saturday, Kim met with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, who demonstrated Russian nuclear-powered strategic bombers, hypersonic missiles and warships.

Moscow was discussing joint military exercises with North Korea, Shoigu told Russian media. In July, he and Kim visited an arms exhibition in Pyongyang, which at that time was one of the clearest signs of deepening ties.

During his trip to Russia, Kim visited Russia’s Pacific Maritime Fleet equipped with strategic nuclear submarines, the KCNA reported. The North Korean leader praised the navy’s contribution to peace in the region.

North Korea launched its first operational “tactical nuclear attack submarine” earlier this month.


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