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King Charles to address French senate

The King will address French voting chamber on Thursday in historic first, according to The Independent.

Charles is the only British monarch ever to address the Senate chamber. He is going to make a speech honouring the close friendship between the UK and France.

Before entering the Salle des Conferences, he will meet with representatives of the Senate and the National Assembly and leave his signature in the visitors’ book.

The royal couple, Charles and Camilla, will then meet sports stars in Saint-Denis, where France is hosting the Rugby World Cup.

Later on, they will be joined by Brigitte Macron, wife of the French President, and some sports figures. Together they will visit a coffee shop, located on the town square, to meet beneficiaries of Objectif Emploi, an organisation in Saint-Denis that helps vulnerable young people to find careers, and representatives from The Prince’s Trust International.

Members of the royal family arrived on their three-day trip on Wednesday to mend relations with France after Brexit. Their trip was postponed due to riots caused by French protests over pension reforms.

The King and Queen were guests of honour at the star-studded dinner in the Hall of Mirrors. Among the 160 guests were Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger and actor Hugh Grant.

In a speech delivered partly in French, the King said relations between the UK and France had not always been “straightforward”, but then he emphasised the unity between the two countries.

During a visit to the Elysee Palace, the President’s official residence, Charles presented Macron with a book containing joint photographs of the pair, as well as a complete edition of the works of French philosopher Voltaire. In return, Macron presented the King with a gold coin featuring Charles’ portrait, as well as an award-winning French novel.

Later, they jointly planted an oak tree also gifted by Macron.


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