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Macron: “The state will be merciless with those who embody hatred”

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that the country would not tolerate foreign extremists living in France, Brussels Signal reported.

Macron instructed Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to take a tough stance after another deadly Islamist attack on October 13, according to local media.

The state will be merciless with those who embody hatred.

Now Darmanin is carrying out the order by deporting any foreign migrant deemed dangerous to France by the security services. The measure comprises “identification throughout the national territory of those who are dangerous, systematic withdrawal of the residence permit for those who are foreigners, systematic expulsion of any foreigner… considered dangerous by the intelligence services.”

Law enforcement and prison authorities are intensely monitoring order, with some 7,000 soldiers patrolling French streets.

The government intensified measures after an Islamist knife attack that caused one death and wounded two others. Rising tensions in the Middle East have also heightened fears of an outbreak of terrorist attacks.

The alleged perpetrator of the October 13 attack reportedly hails from the Chechen Republic, which is part of Russia. Macron’s government has therefore instructed Darmanin to liaise with Russian President Vladimir Putin to address the issue, as Moscow’s help is seen as a necessity due to the origins of such Islamic extremists.

Darmanin reported that France was tracking about 60 Chechens suspected of extremism.

Around 40 are either in prison or deprived of their liberty.

Authorities have also prohibited protests in favour of Palestine, with the foreign minister saying the region’s supporters could “generate disturbances to public order.”


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