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Missiles struck Iraqi bases where US forces were stationed

On Thursday night, drones and missiles attacked Ain al-Asad airbase, which housed US and other international forces in western Iraq, according to two security sources.

Iraqi forces announced the closure of the surrounding area and the launch of a search operation. It is still unclear whether the attacks resulted in casualties.

Iraqi police reported that missiles hit a military base near Baghdad International Airport. In the past 24 hours, there have been four attacks on Iraqi military bases that host US troops in Iraq.

On Wednesday, US forces in Iraq were hit by two drone attacks, one of which injured several soldiers, although the US military managed to intercept the armed drone.

Last week, Iraqi armed groups threatened to strike US military objects in Iraq with missiles and drones if the White House backed Israel in its fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The US has 2,500 soldiers in Iraq and another 900 in neighbouring Syria with a mission to advise and assist local forces in the fight against Islamic State, which seized territory in both countries in 2014.


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