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More small-boat migrants arrived at Dover — as nearly 1,000 crossed Channel at weekend

This weekend almost 1,000 migrants arrived having crossed Channel by small boats.

The number of migrants who arrived at Dover yesterday in small boats exceeded 1,000. It is estimated that more than 21,000 migrants arrived in Dover in a year.

Ministry of the Interior reports that about 113 migrants came to Dover on Sunday and 872 on Saturday. Saturday’s number of migrants is a record for this year. 6,000 people came last month however the total is 19 per cent down on this time last year.

Government figures show that  total of 45,756 migrants crossed the Channel to the UK in 2022. The last crossings of the year took place on Christmas Day, when 90 people made the journey from France in two boats, according to The Bloomberg.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has decided to stop the flow of migrant boats and smugglers who profit from the process. Yesterday it was reported that the implementation of the Prime Minister’s plan to deport some passengers to Rwanda was due to the expectation of the autumn proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Ministers want to win it to pave the way for flights before the next election. Some Tories impose requirements that Mr Sunak has to be prepared to quit the European Court of Human Rights if needed to get planes off to Kigali. Tory MP Jonathan Gullis told The Sun:

 “Get flights to Rwanda, do more deals with other safe third countries and be willing to withdraw from the ECHR”.


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