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M&S replaces plastic bags with paper ones

British retailer Marks & Spencer has replaced plastic bags with paper bags for life in an attempt to reduce its environmental impact.

The company said the new Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper bags are now available from any of its UK shops.

People will be able to buy a “strong, robust” version at the grocery shop, while the “simpler” bag will be presented in the clothing section.

The company says the bags are capable of carrying more than 15kg which is six four-pint bottles of milk. They can also be reused more than 100 times.

Natural resin is used in the production process, which makes the bags waterproof. They can also be easily folded into a backpack and put in recycling bins.

According to the team from Sheffield University, the bags are produced using renewable energy at a hydropower paper mill in Scandinavia.

M&S corporate affairs director Victoria Mackenzie-Gould said in a blog post that the company’s decision would help to reduce its detrimental impact on the environment.

For the vast majority who already reuse their own bags, which remains the most sustainable option, not a lot will change. But on the odd occasion when we all need to reach for one more bag, we’re pleased to be offering a more sustainable option for customers.


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