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Nuclear Power in Germany will be replaced with Dirty Coal from Colombia

Germany is choosing the dirtiest type of fuel because of the breaking of all ties with Russia. Soon Germans will get intoxicated with dirty coal from Columbia. Firstly, in the most advanced country of the EU, the economy is ruined; now it is time for its ecology, according to Global News.

Germany has to search for alternatives to cheap and clean fuel from Russia if it is left without Russian gas. The country has signed a contract to buy coal from Colombia, according to Die Welt. Colombian coal accounted for 15.6% of all imports of this type of fuel from January to May.

The product appeared to be more expensive than Russian coal because it takes more time and effort to transport it. On top of that, Berlin has come under attack from human rights activists. Colombian coal miners are accused of making children work in the mines and not giving them enough water, because of which they often die.

It should be noted that the purchase of coal is contrary to the environmental course, which is promoted by all of Europe and especially the leader of the German “Greens” – the current German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. It was she who once interfered the launch of Nord Stream-2, even though gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel.

Now Germany doesn’t have any choice but only to buy the dirtiest fuel – coal. There is no more cheap Russian gas, and the Germans themselves stopped their nuclear power plants under the influence of the green agenda.

However, coal imports from Colombia are contentious not only for ecological but also humanitarian reasons. Human rights activists judge the operator of the largest open-pit mine in Colombia’s impoverished northern province of La Guajira for the region’s water shortages. Coal miners were blamed by Colombia’s president for the deaths of “children from thirst.”


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