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Polish opposition files complaint against defence minister

Błaszczak is accused of betraying the Polish Army, security forces and national interests – Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Poland’s main opposition party, the centrist Civic Platform (PO), said it was preparing to file a formal complaint to the State Tribunal. The party accused the defence minister of disclosing top secret documents for campaigning purposes.

A video has surfaced on social media in which Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak released documents showing that the previous PO-Polish People’s Party (PSL) government planned to defend Poland only from the point of the Vistula River, which flows through Warsaw.

The clip featured the defence plans of the Polish armed forces, signed by the then Defence Minister Bogdan Klich, as well as other documents stamped “top secret.”

The [PO leader, Donald – PAP] Tusk government was ready in the event of war to give away half of Poland. The documents clearly show that Lublin, Rzeszów and Łomża could have been a Polish Bucha.

PO spokesman Jan Grabiec told private radio station Radio Zet on Monday that the demonstration was “an absolute violation of the boundaries of any concern of the Polish state.”

“The documents that Minister Błaszczak revealed are documents prepared by the General Staff of the Polish Army. Today he [Błaszczak] brings charges of treason against Polish generals and senior Polish officers.”

The PO spokesperson also stated that if the documents contained anything worthy of allegations, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party had eight years of rule to bring them forward.

How can internal defence documents… be revealed as part of an election campaign? Will PiS soon reveal documents Nato has sent us regarding defence strategy?

Grabiec accused Błaszczak of betraying the Polish Army, security forces and national interests, warning his actions would have serious consequences.

Błaszczak wrote on X on Monday:

“Civic Platform objects to us revealing their plans to give away half of Poland to the enemy. Poles have a right to know what fate you were preparing for them! The Polish Army should fight for every metre of our territory and for every human life in the event of conflict. You were preparing a repeat of [Ukrainian cities – PAP] Bucha and Irpin and wanted to make Warsaw a frontline city!”

The State Tribunal is a judicial body that makes decisions on the constitutional responsibility of persons holding public office.


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