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Orbán: “Brussels legally raped Poland and Hungary” with the Migration Pact

As the European Council recently reached an agreement on the pact, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that there was now “no more chance of any kind of compromise and agreement on migration.”

If you are raped legally, forced to accept something that you don’t like, how would you like to have a compromise and agreement? It’s impossible!

Orbán has already criticised the EU and “Brussels bureaucrats”, calling them a failed and costly policy on Ukraine and migration.

“Brussels is losing control. In a few months, there will be elections in Europe, and instead of their work, the bureaucrats are already paying attention to what will happen to them.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on X, formerly Twitter, that he would use his veto in the European Council “against the dangerous plans of Donald Tusk, PO [Tusk’s party], Germany and Brussels.”

Poland stated that the resettlement of irregular migrants is impossible without the consent of the European Union member states.

The rest of the EU does not seem to share this position, as there have already been two votes on the Migration Pact, one in June and one on 4 October, which did not require unanimity.


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