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PM Orban: Hungary in no rush to ratify Sweden’s NATO bid

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has again demanded “respect” from Sweden before his country ratifies the Nordic country’s bid to join the NATO military alliance, according to Bloomberg.

Orban issued a statement on Monday saying that Sweden has no means of pressurising Hungary on the voting issue, even the fact that the Hungarian air force flies Swedish Gripen fighter jets cannot be taken into account. He noted that Hungary could switch to other aircraft if it no longer had the option of leasing aircraft produced by Saab AB.

Orban cited criticism from Sweden over the weakening rule of law as the reason Hungary has delayed a vote on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation enlargement for more than a year.

Turkey and Hungary are the only two members that have yet to ratify Sweden’s bid to join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, prompted by the Scandinavian country’s security concerns following the outbreak of war in Ukraine.


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