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Poland to build fence border with Russia

According to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland plans to build a fence along the entire border with Russia’s Kaliningrad region. This statement appeared in the press on Friday. Morawiecki said in response to a question from the Radio Olsztyn public radio:

“I am not just for building a solid fence. We have also announced that we will start with installing the perimeter system to help us secure the border with electronics, while we will build a physical barrier in certain areas later. In the end, along the entire border […] we will build a physical barrier so that citizens could feel safer.”

According to Morawiecki, a 200-kilometer-long barbed-wire defence is now in place on the border between Poland and Russia’s Kaliningrad region. Cameras and sensors are being installed there. He added:

“When peaceful border interaction with our eastern neighbor becomes possible, we will do that with the possible provision of border-crossing infrastructure.”

Polish Interior and Administration Minister Mariusz Kaminski said earlier that electronic fences along the border with Russia, the construction of which began in April 2023, would be put into operation “in late September or early October.” He underlined that it was important to ensure “full monitoring along the entire border with Russia.”

Earlier Polish officials stated that the country was building barriers near the Kaliningrad region to prevent a migrant crisis similar to the one that arose on the border with Belarus in 2021.


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