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Putin: Ukraine’s allies trying to “punish” Russia

Ukraine’s allies were trying to “punish” Russia and misappropriate its assets, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

The Russian leader made the statement in an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua. Putin plans to pay a state visit to the People’s Republic of China later this week.

Western elites are persistently trying to “punish” Russia, isolate and weaken it, supplying the Kyiv authorities with money and weapons.

He noted that Ukraine’s allies had imposed a total of “nearly 16,000” sanctions. The Ukrainian party was also allegedly carrying out terrorist acts, including in Russia and beyond, Putin added.

According to the president, Europe and the US are not ready yet to hold an open dialogue on the war in Ukraine. Moreover, all peace initiatives proposed by Ukraine’s supporters jeopardised Russia’s legitimate interests, he noted.

Why? Because it was their policies in previous years and decades that led to the current global turmoil.

Putin recently praised Chinese President Xi Jinping’s proposed plan for a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian conflict. The president claimed that Beijing fully understood “what is behind the [Ukrainian] crisis.” He added that Moscow remained open to dialogue and negotiations to resolve the two-year-old conflict. According to Putin, China’s peace plan and further “principles” announced by President Xi Jinping last month addressed the factors behind the conflict.

China put forward the 12-point document over a year ago. It covered general principles for ending the war, but did not elaborate on the details. At the time, the document faced weak support in both Russia and Ukraine. Besides, the United States then argued that China was positioning itself as a peacemaker but reflected Russia’s “false narrative.”


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