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Romania admits that parts of a Russian drone were found on its territory but does not consider this out of the ordinary

The Romanian authorities admitted that fragments of a Russian drone were found on their land. Although they previously ignored Ukraine’s evidence that a Russian drone entered Romanian territory and exploded. The country’s leadership does not consider the incident an emergency situation, as it adheres to a policy of preventing escalation at the cost of public criticism for conflicting statements that could be interpreted as the result of weak airspace monitoring capacity.

Romania’s Minister of Defence Angel Tilvar noted on September 6 that objects “that can be associated with drone-type equipment” were found on Romania’s territory and it is necessary to examine them to accurately identify their origin.

After the first investigations by experts of the Defence Ministry (MApN), it seems that the drone flew at a low altitude, which is why it did not appear on the radars, and it is possible that it was damaged and lost control. According to the results of the investigation, the drone was not loaded with explosives and was most likely used for espionage.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said on September 4 that his country has photographic evidence showing that Russian drones struck Romanian territory during a drone attack on infrastructure in the Ukrainian port of Ismail on the Danube.

Ismail and Ukraine’s other Danube ports have been repeatedly targeted by Russia in an effort to stop Ukraine from exporting its grain crop and other products. Earlier this week, Ukraine’s rail operator said that cargo shipments to Ismail have been restricted due to the bombardment.


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