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Serbia-Kosovo conflict in the UN Security Council

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić argued with Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani over the situation in Kosovo at a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Euractiv reported.

Vjosa Osmani claimed that Kosovo was and would remain a free, independent and sovereign republic.

We want peace, and Serbia showed on February 24 that it wants war. We will not allow them to get it. Despite everything, we decided to cooperate with Serbia and participate in the dialogue that should peacefully solve our problems.

She stated that Serbia was not interested in peace or normalisation of relations, but was looking for a return to the 1990s, when the country had control over Kosovo.

Osmani also held Belgrade responsible for the attack in Banjska, providing evidence gathered during the investigation.

“Serbs portray themselves as victims, but the facts show the opposite. Those terrorist groups were financed and trained from a source in Serbia, and Milan Radoičić, who admitted that he led that attack, is a close associate of Vučić and is still free.”

Ana Brnabić denied Serbian responsibility for the attack, stating that “Belgrade or the security forces, the security structures were not involved in this event and we are ready to provide the evidence to the international community to prove this.”

Brnabić also accused Osmani of making unsubstantiated allegations based on gossip.

She said how Serbs terrorise the Serbs, and they [Albanians] defend them! Since May, 2,000 Serbian families have left Kosovo and Metohija because of terror. So where did they go and why? We are looking to the future while Pristina is living in the nineties.


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