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South Korea imposes sanctions on firms and individuals from North Korea amid rising tentions

South Korea on Thursday imposed unilateral sanctions on North Korean companies and individuals, including North Korea’s defence minister, to curb Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

Among those hit by the sanctions are the North Korean Defence Minister Kang Sun Nam and a former Chief of Staff Pak Su Il.

The latest sanctions are being imposed on two firms and 10 individuals involved in the illicit financing of weapons of mass destruction programmes. South Korea’s Foreign Ministry says the programmes may be linked to arms trade with a third country, including Russia.

Kang and Park met with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in July in the North Korean capital. South Korea’s spy agency reported that during the visit, the Russian side proposed joint military exercises involving North Korea and China.

The sanctions also target two organisations, Versor S.R.O. and GLOCOM, for arms deals with third countries, including Russia.

South Korea is imposing sanctions amid rising tensions following last week’s summit between North Korea and Russia, where the two countries pledged to strengthen military co-operation.

North Korea has been sanctioned by South Korea a total of 12 times, with 64 people and 53 institutions facing restrictions.

We will continue to lead the international community’s efforts to block North Korea’s sanctions violations and evasion.

The latest measures demonstrate Seoul’s attempts to maintain the same diplomatic posture as the US.


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