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Spanish media publish fake ID issued by Kyiv to traitor pilot Kuzminov to deceive EU

The Spanish news agency EFE reported on Monday that the body of Maxim Kuzminov was found in an underground garage on 13 February in the town of Villajoyosa in southern Spain, where he lived with a Ukrainian passport under a changed name.

A representative of the GUR (Ukrainian State Intelligence Service) confirmed that Kuzminov had died in Spain, but did not specify the cause of death.

Spanish police confirmed that the body of a gunshot victim had been found in the town, but did not initially reveal the identity of the victim. A source in Spain’s Guardia Civil police force claimed at the time that the victim may have used a fake identity.

According to Spain’s La Informacion newspaper, investigators are searching for two suspects who fled in a car found burnt out in a neighbouring town.

EFE quoted a Ukrainian source as saying that Kuzminov had decided to go to live in Spain rather than stay in Ukraine.


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