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The key issues Rishi Sunak will face after MPs return to Westminster

The Prime Minister has been accused of ruling a “zombie parliament”, according to Sky News.

Now, when the summer recess is over, Rishi Sunak will be under increased pressure to present to the public, including those who support him, the results of his “five foundations, on which to build a better future“.

The pledges are: to reduce inflation in half; to improve the economy; to reduce debt; to reduce queues in hospitals; and to stop illegal migration.

Mr. Sunak also faces pressure from the Labour opposition, which accuses the government of being “unable to deliver its own agenda”.

Labour claims that some promises, such as the reform of the Mental Health Act and of the audit system, may be completely excluded from the upcoming speech of the King.

The Department of Education announced more than 100 schools would either have to close or partially close due to the use of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, known as RAAC.

About 104 buildings will be demolished, in addition to the 50 that have already been affected this year.

In an interview on Sky News, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt admitted that more problems with schools and other public buildings may be discovered in the near future.

“Obviously, we might find new information in the weeks or months ahead, and we will act on it.”

The Prime Minister’s promise to stop migrant boat crossings in the Channel has not been fulfilled. According to Saturday’s data, the total number of people who crossed by boat this year reached 20,973.

The pledge to halve inflation remains the most consistent problem for Rishi Sunak.

Despite the fact that the average family has started paying less for gas and electricity, millions of households could end up paying more, since the government’s £66 monthly support has been withdrawn.

The situation is aggravated by the four days of the strikes of junior doctors and consultants across September and October.

Sky News also informed that the government is negotiating with Britain’s biggest steel producer to allocate over a £500m aid package to secure the long-term future of steelmaking in South Wales.

However, such a development could result in about 3,000 British employees of Tata Steel’s Indian parent company losing their jobs.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, commenting on the industry, claimed that the UK “can certainly compete with China”.

“We are the world’s second-largest colleagues offshore wind producer and when it comes to high-end manufacturing, as opposed to the very low-cost manufacturing, we have four of the world’s top 10 universities, amazing research and development happening here. And we have a British economy that is a global leader when it comes to life sciences, technology or arts manufacturing.”

After the return of MPs from their summer recess, Rishi Sunak will face many challenges, including the request of the Labour Party to present the results of the promises made by the Prime Minister.


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