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The Pentagon only has funds to supply weapons for six months

The US military has only 5.2bn dollars left to help Ukraine, the WSJ reported.

Given the current regular volumes of aid, this amount will be enough for only six months. This situation may affect the planning of current operations, but arms deliveries will continue in the near future.

Earlier, Congress adopted a decision to keep the government functioning, which did not include an increase in military support for Ukraine. After that, the Pentagon said that only about 5bn dollars remained in the budget to help Ukraine.

If Washington continues to supply arms to Ukraine at the same pace as it has since early spring of this year, this amount will be enough for about six months of arms deliveries. In total, States have sent 43.9 billion in military aid to Ukraine since February 2022.

A long-term programme to renew the Ukrainian army and make it more compatible with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces, the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, is no longer generating the expected funding.

Biden said on Sunday that he could not allow US’s support for Ukraine to end. He assured that he would continue to support the people of Ukraine.

The short-term spending bill signed by Biden on Saturday averted a partial government shutdown. However, it no longer includes aid to Ukraine, raising questions about the future of US support for Kyiv. The Biden administration has requested an additional $24 billion in funding for Ukraine.

The short-term funding bill passed by Congress lasts only until mid-November. Pentagon Comptroller Michael McCord said it would be too risky for the Defence Department to divert money from that temporary funding bill to pay for more aid to Ukraine.

Many lawmakers acknowledge that winning approval for Ukraine assistance in Congress is growing more difficult as the war grinds on and resistance to the aid from the Republican hard-right flank gains momentum.


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