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Trump challenges Biden to round of golf, debate this week

Former US president and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump offered his rival and incumbent President Joe Biden a chance to “redeem himself to the world” in a debate this week and also challenged him to a round of golf, US media reported.

Trump challenged the 81-year-old Biden to a round of golf when he was feeling quite confident after his debut debate performance against the president late last month. Trump, 78, said at a campaign rally in Florida:

“I am officially offering Joe a chance to redeem himself to the world. Let’s do another debate this week so that sleepy Joe Biden can prove to everyone all over the world that he has what it takes to be president.”

He also added:

“But this time it will be man-to-man, no moderators, no holds barred. Just name the place, anytime, anywhere.”

Biden, the Democratic nominee, performed poorly at the presidential debate in Atlanta on 27 June, after which even his party colleagues are asking him to withdraw from the race. Biden has rejected those calls.

At the same rally, Trump challenged Biden to an 18-hole golf match. He said:

“I’m also officially challenging Joe to an 18-hole golf match right here. If he wins, I will give the charity of his choice, any charity that he wants, USD 1 million. And I’ll bet you he doesn’t take the offer. …What that match will do is prove that Joe is, in fact, all talk and no action.”

Biden’s campaign rejected both challenges. Biden-Harris 2024 Spokesperson James Singer said:

“Joe Biden doesn’t have time for Donald Trump’s weird antics – he’s busy leading America and defending the free world. Donald Trump is a liar, a convict, and a fraud only out for himself – par for the course. Donald Trump hasn’t been seen in public for 12 days; now he’s inviting fictional serial killers to dinner, teasing lil’ Marco Rubio, praising Project 2025 architect Tom Homan, and challenging the President of the United States to golf. We’d challenge Donald Trump to create jobs, but he lost 3 million.”


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