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Trump refuses to accept accusations of passing on classified data

Donald Trump denies passing on U.S. nuclear submarine secrets to an Australian businessman.

The background of this case is based on the fact that shortly after leaving the presidency, Donald Trump met with a certain businessman at his Florida mansion and may have passed on some details of nuclear submarines.

In 2021, Trump met with Anthony Pratt, who told the former president that Australia should buy its submarines from the U.S. To this, Trump allegedly gave out details of the exact number of nuclear warheads, as well as their ratio against Russian ones.

This is a consequence of entrepreneur Pratt sharing details of the submarines with dozens of people. However, Donald Trump soon dispelled the rumours, stating on his social media platform Truth Social that all the reports are “false and ridiculous” as it is all part of a plan to keep him out of the White House.

Now comes a trial in which Pratt could be called to testify against Trump in a trial over the transfer of classified documents. The trial is set for May next year in Florida.

Trump also faces three other charges, one federal and one in Georgia related to his efforts to undo his election defeat and run a government, and one in New York concerned to an alleged payment to a porn star for secret ballot on the eve of the 2016 election.

The present is also a difficult time for Trump, as he is facing a civil case in New York over fraudulent misappropriation of his assets to get more favourable conditions from banks as well as insurance companies.


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