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US arrests students protesting Israel-Gaza war, Western diplomats urge Hamas to release remaining hostages

Police arrested dozens of people at demonstrations at Yale University in Connecticut and New York University in Manhattan, according to The Guardian.

Authorities arrested at least 47 protesters on Monday, April 22. The arrested students would face disciplinary action, the statement added.

The police action came after Columbia University cancelled face-to-face classes on Monday in response to protesters camping out at its New York campus last week.

Several hundred people protested on the campus of Yale University, demanding that the university divest from military weapons manufacturers. Yale University said it repeatedly asked students to leave and warned them that they could face law enforcement and disciplinary action if they did not.

A New York City Police spokesman stated that the arrests were made after the university asked police to enforce rules related to trespassing. The law enforcement actions at Yale and New York University followed several tense days on campuses across the US.

Following the crackdown at Columbia, students across the United States began their own protests in solidarity, with many calling on their universities to support a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and divest from companies associated with Israel.

Other institutions that held protests included Boston University, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

On Tuesday, Western diplomats called on Hamas to release the remaining hostages it is holding in the Gaza Strip, 200 days after Hamas attacked Israel. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron was among the officials.

200 days ago, Hamas carried out the deadliest attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust. 200 days on, hostages remain in captivity, and their loved ones continue to face unimaginable suffering.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that “as long as the hostages are not free, we will not let up. Only when they are home will peace have a chance.”

According to Israel, Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, killing about 1,200 people and taking 250 hostages. Israel says the militants are still holding about 100 captives and the remains of more than 30 people.

On Monday, the United States said Hamas had not agreed to the “very significant proposal that was on the table” of releasing hostages held in the Gaza Strip, releasing Palestinian prisoners held by Israel and increasing humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller claimed that Israel had taken some steps in recent weeks to meet Hamas’ demands in negotiations, but then Hamas changed the demands.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military stated that its forces carried out airstrikes overnight, destroying two Hamas rocket launching positions in the southern Gaza Strip. Ground forces also remained active in central Gaza, and airstrikes across Gaza killed dozens of militants, the military said.


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