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US pier in Gaza to be permanently dismantled after only 20 days in use

A US military pier built two months ago to deliver humanitarian aid by sea to Gaza will be finally dismantled within days, AP News reports.

The details of the operation are still being worked out, but it is known that the plan is to move the accumulated humanitarian aid to a safe zone and then destroy the pier. This decision was probably made because the US authorities became frustrated with its use.

The pier built by the US military for humanitarian supplies to the enclave territory operated for about 20 days, after which it was damaged by a storm and bad weather. Days later, its parts broke off and the military transported it to the Israeli cargo port of Ashdod for repairs. The cost of the project was estimated at about $300 million.

The temporary port was to increase humanitarian aid shipments to the Palestinians “by hundreds of additional lorries a day.” The pier in the Mediterranean accepted heavy-duty ships carrying food, water, medical supplies and temporary shelters. While he was away the US was dropping provisions from the air.

Earlier, media reported that the pier for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip could be dismantled in July – several weeks earlier than originally planned. Humanitarian organisations believe the pier has failed in its task.

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis commented on the news on X:

An enduring symbol of how the US’s mixture of exorbitant power and mind-numbing impotence aided and abetted Israel’s (latest) genocidal invasion of Gaza.


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