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Vladimir Putin praises PM Modi: “A very wise man”

During a recent event, Russian President Vladimir Putin described Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “a very wise man” Thus he expressed his admiration for the remarkable progress that India has made under Prime Minister Modi’s stewardship.

Russian news channel RT News shared a video in which Putin emphasised the value of friendship and cooperation between Russia and India. Putin stated:

We maintain strong political relations with Prime Minister Modi; he is a very wise leader. India, under his guidance, has achieved significant progress in its development. This aligns with the mutual interests of both India and Russia, as we collaborate on this agenda.

It is noteworthy that Putin, as the president of China did not go to the G20 summit in India in September. This praise followed the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration at the recent G20 summit in India. Russia considers the adoption of the declaration, which does not blame Moscow for the conflict in Ukraine, an important step towards peace. Moscow also praised the active role of the Indian presidency in “consolidating” the G20 countries from the Global South. This declaration differs significantly from the previous Bali Declaration.

Earlier in June, Putin had also praised Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative during his speech at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok. Putin admitted that the emphasis placed by Prime Minister Modi on promoting the Make in India programme was indeed ” right thing “. He noted:

We did not have domestically made cars back in the 90s, but now we do. I believe that we should take inspiration from many of our partners, such as India. They are dedicated to manufacturing and using Indian-made vehicles. I think Prime Minister Modi is doing the right thing by promoting the Make in India program. He is on the right path.

As part of India’s increased focus on manufacturing, the ‘Make in India’ initiative was launched globally in September 2014. The initiative aims to position India as the most favoured global destination for manufacturing. According to a statement from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), it aims to integrate Indian companies into the global supply chain, enabling Indian businesses to grow in a globalised environment.

The praise from Putin underscores the strengthening ties between Russia and India, with both countries recognising the mutual benefits of collaboration. As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, India’s development under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership is gaining international recognition and appreciation.


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