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Von der Leyen faces a revolt from EU member states over demands for more funding.

EU member states have opposed the European Commission’s demands for additional funds.

Ursula von der Leyen is fighting a revolt by EU member states after demanding increased funding at the European Council summit yesterday as the European Commission demanded that member states contribute an extra €66 billion to the EU budget to tackle the growing challenges facing the bloc.

However, the request was not popular among member states, with many countries, including influential Germany, opposing it, demanding that the funds be reallocated from the existing budget.

In reference to the conflict in Ukraine and the growing number of migrants arriving in the EU, she added:

The EU needs to react and act united and resolute.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte agreed that the money should be allocated for more sensible purposes. He said even frugal countries like the Netherlands “understand that new money is needed” in the budget to keep up financial support for Ukraine.


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