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What is the price of U.S. aid to Ukraine and Israel

The U.S. continues to provide not only humanitarian but also military aid to countries being in conflict.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022, the United States has sent tanks and missiles, artillery and helicopters, drones, air defence systems, military vehicles, radars, countless infantry weapons, equipment and more. In total, Ukraine has received more than $75 billion military aid.

The $46.6 billion is more than half of the total. That’s far more than the U.S. sends to any other country. And it is absolutely not comparable to US aid to Israel, which remained in the range of $3 billion in 2021.

At the same time, a conflict in the Middle East is worsening. America sympathises with Israel’s tragedy. The numbers, however, differ. Some 35% think the current level of aid is quite adequate. Another 15% say it is too much, and 14% say it is too little. But the largest number, 36%, found it difficult to answer, according to the statistics.

The situation is exactly the same on the Ukrainian side. Support was high when the conflict began, but now we see a slight decline: about 55% of Americans currently oppose additional funding for Ukraine, and another 45% say they should continue to help.

The point of the conflict is developing among Democrats and Republicans. The latter demand an end to aid to Ukraine. They are strongly opposed to additional spending. Whereas Democrats are strongly in favour of more funds to fight the Russians.

That’s the problem for the White House and especially Joe Biden. And that’s what he’s going to be dealing with in the coming days.


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